EE 590A: Advanced Topics in Ubiquitous Computing

Offerings: Spring 2018

The aim of this class will be to introduce you to ubiquitous computing (ubicomp). We will focus on how traditional topics of computing have evolved to support the vision of a connected, portable, and a human-centric computing environment. The course will include discussion into contribution of various fields, including human-computer interaction, embedded computing, computer vision, distributed systems, machine learning, and electrical engineering. You will gain practical experience in developing sensing systems for activity recognition and gestural interaction. The course will be a combination of lectures, tutorials, class discussions, and demonstrations. You will be evaluated on your class participation, reading summaries, and individual assignments/mini-projects (6 assignments in total). Occasional tutorials on necessary skills will be provided at the first half of the class-time (e.g., Android and Arduino programming). The rest of the class-time will be used for discussions on the required readings. You are allowed to work in groups to learn the material, but are required to complete and submit individual work. There are no pre-requisites for the course.